Writing and editing has been on hold for the last few days because I’ve had a cold. It’s frustrating how something as silly as a cold can totally fog up your brain! Hopefully I can kick this thing and get back on track soon! 


I made a slideshow about how to create a fictional character… I got most of the information from the ‘start writing fiction’ (free) course on the OpenUniversity website and found it incredibly useful so here’s a visual version for you :)

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Tonight’s outlining session was interrupted by an earthquake! They’re apparently more distracting than I remember, haha!

Tonight’s outlining also reminded me that hashing out answers to questions usually brings out more questions that need answering - but it’s all good stuff that needs to be addressed before we start on the next draft! 

Description: Kissing and Smiling



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Looking back over my outlining notes last night, I’m reminded of why we have a 10pm writing cut off. My brain likes to be hilariously random when it gets too late.